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Remedial Services

Our remedial services division is renowned for its knowledge, expertise and quality in the processes, formulations and application of finishing for buildings and fabrications. The division operates a policy of combining the best solutions, the highest quality and the strongest value for our customers.

Our work is fully guaranteed – for up to twenty five years – and exceeds the requirements of architectural and specifier standards. Rovac Group's service is unique due to the relationships we enjoy with paint and material manufacturers and our own laboratory is responsible for solving a number of application and cleaning problems, where proprietary solutions have proved ineffective.

For Architectural Paint Finishing, Rovac undertakes projects on site, often in hostile conditions, using PVDF (Polyvinyldiene-di-fluouride) paint or with specified finishes including Anodised-matched finishes. Chemically inert Kynar 500 resins are used in PVDF finishes, resistant to UV degradation and impervious to most acids and alkalines.

Our fast-turnaround service for glass, curtain-walled buildings is the country's leading operation of its type. From glass fractures to wall refinishing, our service is second to none. We have in-situ teams geared up for deployment on a floor-by-floor or entire building basis and undertake projects as small as a single panel breakage to the largest stadia and skyscrapers.

Rovac provides maintenance services for Glass, Aluminium, Stone or UPVC and many other materials used in modern buildings, including vacu-blasting and blast cleaning, stone and metalwork repair, glass polishing as an alternative to replacement and specialist painting and coating.


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Contact Us

Whatever your painting or finishing requirement, however large or small, please call our main office on +44 (0)1554 778068. Browse our website for more information on any of our services or email sales@rovac-group.com


Knowledge and Expertise

We are renowned for our knowledge, expertise and quality in the processes, formulations and application of finishing for buildings and fabrications.

Pioneering Techniques

Rovac has always been at the forefront of finishing techniques, working closely with the major paint manufacturers on research, quality and matching requirements for specialist materials and environments.

Comprehensive Management

Whatever the project, our management team will work closely with you to ensure you get no surprises and the job is done to your satisfaction. Dedicated relationship managers cater for strategic partnerships and larger projects.